Hello and nice to meet you, I'm Tris and this is my website. I'm a developer, musician and photographer from the U.S. The pictures on this page includes some random pictures I took at some point. Want to see what I'm doing NOW? If so, check out my now page. This website is my little nook on the internet and I hope you like it :)


This block right here is my motivation to finish one of my two big projects right now. Hopefully this isn't permanent.

Daisies near wall

Status Cafe Feed

14 days ago

Posting this on the arc browser (for windows) and it's very interesting

23 days ago

BlueSky has a very high username length limit if you use subdomains :)

37 days ago

Good things will come for those who wait, but not for those who wait too late.

61 days ago

Everything can change at the speed of the internet

80 days ago

Absolutely can't wait for Bun for Windows coming out soon !!

95 days ago

My sleep schedule is more random than lava lamps used for encryption

102 days ago

Got a BlueSky account finally after being on the waitlist for months yay

229 days ago

Hey I'm Tris and this site looks really interesting, so that's what I'm doing now